Renaisa draws its essence and resonance from the term Renaissance. An artistic movement that brought the Middle Ages to an end and introduced the Modern Age.

With Renaisa, we also proclaim a new era. The beginning of enlightened consumption, where consumerism is capable of preserving our planet. The word Renaisa is based on our desire to offer several lives to refined and unique pieces, crafted by talented designers.

Renaisa, the first circular fashion platform dedicated to luxury fashion
To make the fashion industry sustainable and desirable, Renaisa has set up an innovative circular fashion system that allows you to renew your wardrobe every season. Magic? Almost. Let us explain.

The foundations of Renaisa are two disruptive circular systems that allow you to responsibly wear carefully selected designer pieces:

  • As seasonal rental starting from 1 week. Our luxury pieces join your responsible wardrobe for a selected duration.
  • As a classic purchase. Then, if you don't wear them anymore, Renaisa will take your pieces back up to 3 seasons later to give them a new life.

Let's reinvent the codes of fashion together, offering a new life to each creation to help reduce our environmental impact and make fashion an eternal renaissance; this is our challenge, this is our commitment.

Please note, that your circular services (seasonal rental and return commitment on classic purchase) are only available in Europe for the moment, but we are working actively to also offer these unique services for our clients on the American and Asian continent. Stay tuned.

Our committed designers and your favourite creations
At Renaisa, nothing is left to chance in order to maintain our high standards.

From emerging designers to the biggest names in fashion, all of our partners share our vision and are committed to a more environmentally responsible fashion.

Each of them frequently uses alternative and certified raw materials, while ensuring their traceability. Their manufacturing process is always improving to be less harmful, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and cut down end-of-production fabric waste.

But our commitment to more sustainable fashion does not stop at environmental issues. Together with our designers, we want to have a positive impact on societal aspects throughout the fashion cycle.

Through our platform, we make it a point of honour to recognise, encourage and promote these good practices.

Your experience and our operations
At Renaisa, your experience is our priority: starting at the selection of your favorite piece, to discovering it once received and all along the rental period thanks to our advice and services. All our pieces are in excellent condition thanks to our secret formula: love, eco-cleaning and disinfection.

Our planet is at the heart of our concerns: all our packaging is 100% recyclable, and above all reusable; our shipping is carbon neutral and our cleaning programmes are environmentally friendly.

An innovative and unique experience, flawless pieces and eco-responsible operations: this is the core of our actions... To reinvent fashion and preserve our planet, together.